Adult Ministries

Our Small Groups

At Wabash Christian Church we provide a multitude of ways for you to experience faith in fellowship. We invite you to join one of our small groups that is suits your needs and where you are! Whether it is gardening in our community garden or gathering for lunch for fellowship, we are sure you will find a loving group to join and experience Christ in community.


Sack Lunch

Join our Wednesday lunch group at Wabash Christian Church! Happening every Wednesday at noon in our fellowship hall. Don’t forget your sack lunch!

Community Garden

Harvest fresh produce in our volunteer led community garden. All produce and proceeds go to FISH as a way to provide fresh food for those in need

Faith and Fitness

Join our minister at the Y Monday through Thursday for faith and fitness. The body is a temple so help maintain it through faith and fitness! (Starting in September)


Join our Christian Women’s Fellowship for faith formation. We hope you can join this special group that remains active in the church providing meals, raising funds, and serving the community of Wabash

Theology on Tap

Join our special small group that meets at a different local pub each Thursday in the Wabash Community! This is a great way to get to know members and have great fellowship. (Starting in September)

Fellowship Hour

During our fellowship hour we invite you to join in community in our fellowship hall. Coffee, doughnuts, and refreshments are provided!